EmFactor Coaching
Empowerment through Self-Awareness

Your best life is waiting for you!

Bobbi A. Becker

  1. Empower
    We give ourselves permission to look at ourselves lovingly and with compassion. We educate ourselves. We come to understand that our power on this journey is learning that are where we need to be right now and from there our truest purpose and greatest potential is revealed.
  2. Emerge
    We begin to emerge from this place of empowerment to reveal our greatest selves. We shed the false and reveal the truth of our potential. We continue to grow in our power and belief of who we are.
  3. Embrace
    We put our new faith and trust in action and embrace a life of peace, joy and fulfillment. We use our emotions as tools to continue and maximize our growth.
Am I living my best life?
I can create the life I always wanted.

I believe that we all have walls built around us to protect who we think  are, what we believe others want us to be, and who we think we must be. These walls keep us from living our full potential. How can we open to who we really are inside?  How can we let go of what the world tells us to be and become what deep inside we are meant to be.  ​

Henry Thoreau said "Not till we are lost, so we begin to find ourselves."

Earlier in my life I believed that what "I heard" the world say was what I must be.  I found myself constantly reaching for the brass ring! And it seemed forever out of my reach.  "I" was never enough for me. So I believed I was never enough for anything or anyone that came my way.  I saw myself as not being enough to have what I desired. I had adopted and helped create an prison of thought and belief that was keeping me small;  the smallest box for my life from which to grow.

All these experiences contributed to the change I made in my life to have a greater understanding of who I am and what my life could be.   I then understood that taking responsibility for my life now and what happened in the future was the way and the good news!  I now understood I could create a different life for myself.  I came to incorporate this understanding and these new practices into my life and in turn they made all the difference in living my highest and best.​​
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